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I am preparing for CISSP exam. Please let me know if all the 250 exam questions will be innovative/psychometric kind of questions or there is a ratio of these innovative questions?

Kindly let me know so that I can prepare my self according to those questions.



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    Does it really make a difference? If you know the material the type of question is irrelevant. Did you ever take the exam in 2011 when you posted last?
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    LOL....Can't really answer your question, for multiple reasons. First the test bank for each taker changes. What I saw on my exam will be completely different from what you see. Second, like Cyberguypr said..does it matter? You need to be read for the test no matter what format the questions are. I can only offer this advice when it comes to the questions...

    For each question read the answers first. Then read the question. Then read the question again identify the Adverbs and Adjectives, words like Best, Physical, Least. Then looked at the answers again. Eliminated the obvious answers that do not match the Adverbs or Adjectives. Then make an educated Selection of the remaining answers.

    I followed this advice and if I wasn't 75% sure of my selection, I flagged the question.

    Good Luck!
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