Doing 210-060 CICD but not the 065..

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Hi all,

I'm currently on university placement and trying to build a solid base of networking knowledge before I finish uni next year.

I have my CCNA and CCSA certs and am planning on taking CICD 210-060 but after I've completed that I want to get back on with routing and switching and start my CCNP.

My question is would it be beneficial to building my career by doing the CICD and not the CIVND part (I could always take the video part 12-18 months later)



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    The short answer is yes. It gives you fairly good exposure to how Cisco does VoIP along with general VoIP (and telephony) basics. A lot of junior/entry IT positions also have you working with phones - in fact along with computers, printers/copiers, phones are probably the most common technology in offices, possibly even the most. So it will be an advantage.

    CCNA Collaboration is usually only asked for in roles that are voice/video specific, but you'll know once you've done CICD whether you can see yourself as a voice/video specialist.
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