Exam in 2 weeks!

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I've been studying for 2-3 months now and it's getting down to crunch time! I'm finishing up my 2nd round of SANS MGT414 On Demand training and should have that finished up in 2-3 days. After that I plan on reading through 2-3 domains of the Conrad book on my weaker domains. I'll continue to take practice questions and finally read through the 11th hour a few days before the exam. I'm also considering watching the updated Cybrary videos next week as well. I think I can knock those out in two days. Any other tips for the last week??? And as much as I would love to, I can't listen to the advice to STOP STUDYING! icon_wink.gif I plan on relaxing Sunday afternoon/night as I take my test on a Monday morning.

Study material:
Conrad Study Guide (3rd edition)
Cybrary videos
SANS MGT414 OnDemand Course (thanks boss!)
SANS mp3's
Conrad's 11th hour - will read next week
CCCure practice questions


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