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How do you guys memorize numerical data - RAM speeds etc. ? Not only from an exam point of view.


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    Repetition, and that is mostly from regularly using that information. Also, over time, you learn more about the things, so you are able to relate information together better. For example, you learn what registered memory is, and then you remember to check for that when dealing with servers and workstations. You learn that certain CPUs tend to go along with certain kinds of RAM, or that computers of a certain vintage will have common characteristics (eg AGP, PCI, ATA-133, Pentium 4 and DDR).

    So being able to fit some of that information into a context can make it easier to remember, or more importantly flag what you might need to check.
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    I dont!

    Really its as simple as that, I only remember things in context and for me its why they are for that matters not what they are. There are two common way to recall information.

    1. Parrot fashion. you simple recall the word exactly as you learnt them.
    2. From first principles. Here you learn by breaking problems apart till you understand what they mean and in to simple chunks and then can rebuild the complex whole as and when needed.

    1. Gives accurate recall but does not necessarily mean the person understands any thing about the data they are remembering.
    2. General shows a greater understanding of the underlying theories at the expense of less depth of instant recall.

    Both Einstein and Feynman where students of the second method.

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