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Well, After a long time of preparation it is finally that time. I write my exam on 29/4/2016.

I have put enough hours of study into the materials.

Thus far i have used :

Boot Camp last year June - Was ok, but nothing life changing, was mostly a refresher of what i already knew
Cybrary.IT Vids - Great vids, also great refrsher
Sybex Guide(Latest) - this manual is great, also liked the Test engine
Eric Conrad 11th hour - Great as a glossary

I have been doing really well on the CCCURE practise tests as well as the m&H and the sybex testengine.

I hope that all the time is going to pay off.

I will update this post once the exam is written to let everyone know how it went.


PS Forgot to mention that the nerves are spazzing out the closer it gets


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    Good luck man icon_cheers.gif We expect your exam impressions and positive news.
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    Good luck! positive vibes going your way!

    please report back with your thoughts / 10 cents!
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    Hey Man! Best of luck to you! I seriously hope you knock it right out the park. I understand about the nerves. I take my exam this Tuesday (5/3/2016). I completely broke down yesterday...maybe it's a girl thing :)

    Someone advised me to take my time and get plenty of rest before hand. Also, don't go in there hungry either. Keep in touch and let us know how you do!

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    Good Luck, You might also review the Combined Notes from the other threads. I found them helpful.

    Here's a link to the Combined Notes
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    Thanks Havoc I have already got those notes Printed and been through them, I do find them useful.

    WEll I have made it to Edinburgh for my Exam, Now settling in to Write in the Morning. Going over some of my short notes, to revise.
    I went round to the venue today to make sure it was the correct details i have, and that i am on thier system, Then had a nightmare of an experience at hte first hotel, but i will get into that another time.

    I will let everyone know how the experience was.
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    I'm taking my exam on Friday as well. Good luck to you!
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    Best of Luck Roxton.

    On a side note, the wife and I are talking about heading to Scotland sometime this year. When would be the best time to head on over? Not too busy but still a nice enough climate. I want to head to the east side to visit Sky and Islay as well. ;)
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    What were your results in the Sybex Exams?
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    OK So i can say that i have now done the exam, and am glad it is over, By the tenth question i realised that i was in way over my head.

    I did Pass, gettting the Letter at the end was so nerve recking that i did not read it unitl i left the venue.

    The Exam well lets say the exam is something totally different. CCCure/Sybex test engine/Trancender does not do a true representation of what the exam is like. I can say it is did follow the advise that was giving plenty on the forums.

    I was so suprised that so much of what i studied and learnt was not even in the exam. Some of the more tricky things i drilled on were not even touched.

    I am Glad that now i get to send in for my Endorsement.

    Thanks Forum and Everyone.

    NEXT is my OSCP and CREST.
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    Congratulation, can you share your score on the Sybex exams?

    What was so different than Sybex and CCcure?
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    Congratulations on passing!!!
  • RoxtonRoxton Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I do not think the ccCure questioned helped for the exam, as a study aid I would say yes.

    Sybex was ok, not that great either. It is difficult to say which is better. Sybex i think was great as it was free, CCCure was not so helpful.

    Understanding the actual material is the important part. I think as it has been said before, that if u know how everything fits to gether and works together, then u will ace the exam. (removed commentary that may violate NDA). The Sybex book, helped me prolly the most, along with the 11th hour book, I used the COmbined notes, need to have a bit more up to date one though.

    But prolly my biggest aid was knowing the Technical side, and being able to make the decision as a manager.
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