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I am looking to get another certification to renew my Sec+ and Land a different job. I kind of want to get away from Help desk and move toward Server admin or Network security. I have read the forums here and I need to learn how things work in order to secure them. My question is, which cert should I pursue next...


I can't decide which one to pursue first because my goal is to have all the certs I listed. I currently have 3 years of IT experience.


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    You got three years of IT experience and no CCNA? I understand.. get the CCNA though. Everything moving forward will make more since, and everything connects to the network. I personally LOVE IT admins, that just dont get networking, but get the server / sys admin thing. I dont care much for the sys admin role, but i do end up installing routers/switches for guys like these for about 1k. Having thorough network knowledge should really be the foundation of any IT career.
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    Have to agree with Codeman6669. Getting your CCNA will give you a basic network understanding that many SysAds lack and it will differentiate you from the pack in the long run.

    Everything ties into the network and being the guy who knows networking well enough to know whether it is or is not the network causing the problem is huge for many organizations. Being cross-functional will help your career and straddling both sides of the network/systems divide is an invaluable net-add for a company as far too many issues get bogged down being passed back and forth between the network and systems teams.
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