Does Microsoft have a security certification?

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Hi, i was wondering if Microsoft have a security certification? One thing i've noticed about the material I've been reading and watching is that they dont really go into much about security with the MCSA and i'm wondering if they have a course that focuses solely on the security of Active Directory?



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    They don't necessarily say "security" when their at presenting the content for the MCSA but fundamentals of security are tied into all of it. They cover delegated permissions, delegated administration, role based access, least-first permission models, etc. All of those things have become some of the corner stones of a good Active Directory environment.
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    They had advanced security certs when they had a line of forefront products that dealt with NATting, firewalling, anti-spamming, publishing services to the Internet, etc. But they dumped almost all of them and dumped security certs as well.

    Now as it was said above infrastructure security is built-in to their MCSA/MCSE certs, but since MS doesn't have many security-only solutions they don't have a specific security related cert.
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    Not MS, but SANS 505 really gets into windows security. Very good class.
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