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Just came back from the test center. Got a score of 750 and needed 790 to pass.
Screwed up on one sim, alot because the engine doesnt act the way the real IOS would, and i think i spent about 30 minutes on figuring out ways around it, improvising on the fly. When i finally got everything right i was so tired of it that i decided to just finish the sim without checking my config, and i realised later that i had made a few mistakes... There was no bug, i think, it was just the sim acting differently than real switches would.

Anyways, in another sim i cant blame anyone else but myself because i rushed through it and forgot to finish my configuration and review the final config..

I think i did very well on the multiple choice questions, it was the sims that brought my score down.

Sooo... lesson learned: Be absolutely clear on what the question is asking, review your conf and be dead sure you didnt miss anything before clicking next.

Thinking of scheduling again next week, but might consider taking things nice and easy and work through alot of labs before taking it again.


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    Bummer! Trust me when I say I know the feeling! The SIMs defiantly are VERY important to get everything perfect with them. I know... much easier said than done. However, now that you have seen it all, lab up the SIMs and have a plan of attack next go round.

    Good luck with your next attempt! I am sure you will get it this time!
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    I have failed twice now because of the sims. On the first attempt I messed up and did not study that section enough. The second time I reviewed everything for about a month. I just failed again. I don't know what I am doing wrong..... Feel really unhappy with the price of the exams and the fact that the sims a buggy and crappy to work with. Not even sure I want to move forward with this track.
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