70-411 Transcender Vs Measure Up Practice Exams

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Has anyone used either the Transcender or Measure Up Practice Exams for the 411? I had purchased the Transcender a few weeks ago and have worked my way through them enough to where I'm just memorizing the answers now so I bought the Measure Up yesterday and the format is completely different than the Transcender. When I took the 410 the Transcender questions really helped me out but the Measure Up questions are formatted closer to what I remember the questions on the 410 actually being like. I think the Measure Up questions are harder than the Transcender, at least for the 411 (didn't have Measure Up for the 410). I'm not sure which ones are going to be closer to the actual exam or not and it's kind of frustrating me right now lol. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I didn't find the Transcender exams to be terribly awesome for my 411 exam. They seemed a little generic in some of their questions and there was content that they didn't even cover that ended up on the exam.

    In the distant past, I used Measure Up and found them to be woefully inadequate and haven't used them sense. They may have stepped up their game since.

    I am a huge fan of the Boson practice exams. I feel like they are dead on with their content and difficulty.
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    I have only used transcender for comptia and windows 7 exams, I found them to be decent.

    I have only heard good things about the Boson ones, I was going to look at that for the 410 exam.
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    I used all three for the 70-411

    1st attempt - transcender
    2nd attempt - boson
    3rd attempt (passed) - measureup (part of the MS booster pack)

    They all helped but transcender was a lot better for the 70-410 imo
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    Transcender is a lot harder than measure-up's exam(from the training kit and the exam purchased with the lab) and skillport for 70-461. I failed the 2nd time Friday, and just purchased the transcender exam. OMG, it is so much like the real exam.
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    Hi Guys
    Also didnt get good results first time I wrote my 70-461 exam, just gonna dust myself off and try again soon. Exam was difficult compared to the study material I had used, perhaps i should look into the Microsoft Certification Booster Pack. What are you guys opinions ?

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