Contract job horror story!

I just wanted to share a brief horror story about a contract job I did for about a month...

At first I thought this job was going to lead to something better but boy was I wrong!!! The job was ok, but not what I wanted to do. I know in IT we all have to suck it up and work somewhere we don't want to be, to get to where we want to be. So I chose this job over a job at Intuit because Intuit was really not IT related... (Now I kick myself for not going with Intuit) The job started and it was very disorganized as some IT places are. so I was not alarmed, but it was management that was lacking... there was no day to day structure and no aid when problems were raised.

The job was a field service rep. I learned a lot but im kinda glad that job ended, because they wanted me to get my A+ cert which would help me, but for the path im trying to go.... it would not be worth it. The job was only a month contract but overall I am where I want to be in the job I currently have... even if its a contract job I know I can get a Perm job as well...

It's not about if you win or loose..... its how you play the game.


  • KrekenKreken Posts: 284Member
    The horror!!!
  • Codeman6669Codeman6669 Posts: 227Member
    I love IT places which lack management and direction. Its an opportunity to take over things and run them, especially things you have never done. Great experience to be able to put on a resume. But yes, we all got to go through the bs lol
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