Contract job horror story!

I just wanted to share a brief horror story about a contract job I did for about a month...

At first I thought this job was going to lead to something better but boy was I wrong!!! The job was ok, but not what I wanted to do. I know in IT we all have to suck it up and work somewhere we don't want to be, to get to where we want to be. So I chose this job over a job at Intuit because Intuit was really not IT related... (Now I kick myself for not going with Intuit) The job started and it was very disorganized as some IT places are. so I was not alarmed, but it was management that was lacking... there was no day to day structure and no aid when problems were raised.

The job was a field service rep. I learned a lot but im kinda glad that job ended, because they wanted me to get my A+ cert which would help me, but for the path im trying to go.... it would not be worth it. The job was only a month contract but overall I am where I want to be in the job I currently have... even if its a contract job I know I can get a Perm job as well...



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