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Can anyone tell me what this rollover CST certification is all about? Is it even worth getting? www.ETA-I.ORG


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    Apart from what they've already explained on the website, who knows icon_rolleyes.gif . But who cares anyway as long as you get an extra cert, lapel pin, and a membership to some IT association, certainly sounds good.
    Atleast it makes up for the huge cost of CompTIA exams and definitely an extra bonus to your resume and portfolio icon_lol.gif . I'm init. Think of it as the only chance you'll ever get to have a cert without actually taking the real exam. icon_wink.gif
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  • OpiOpi Member Posts: 127
    what's this ?
    Annual Membership: $35

    Is a membership needed to get the cert ? any idea ?
    if so, looks to me like a ripoff cert
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    I'm not sure about this - sounds like they just want your money, and don't give a hoot about your qualifications. I personally never heard of ETA.
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    Those last comments are nonsense. It's not a money issue at all. ETA is a non-profit organisation that has been around for almost 30 years, and they are basically trying to push their certs (over 30 in total) a bit. Anyway, you and some others here beat me to it, but I will post a Sticky post with some more info today.

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    Okay, open mouth, insert foot. I guess I spoke too soon, before checking it out - it does look like a pretty good deal, aflter looking into it.

    My apologies
    Famous last words of a redneck - "Hey ya'll, watch this!"
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