Passed Network+ today!

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A little background: I was approved for a WIA grant with New Horizons that gave me $21K of IT training and testing for 6 different certs (A+, N+, S+, MCTS-W7, MCSA, CCNA). I do have over 15 years of IT Operations experience as well. After 8 days of classroom training (4 hours per day), a bunch of Transcender practice tests, some Pluralsight and CBTNuggets videos on topics I wasn't 100% on, today I sat for the N10-006 exam.
I thought I was pretty well prepared but it was harder than I thought it was going to be. [removed comments specific to exam] I squeaked by with a 740 when 720 was the passing score. I blew through A+ and expected this to be just as easy and it wasn't. But a pass is a pass so I am now Network+ certified!icon_cheers.gif

Up next: On Break, but then maybe CCNA DC, CCNP DC, CISM, AWS SysOps Administrator


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    I am about two to three weeks from taking the Network+.


    Unlike you, I am completely new to IT as a career. Network+ has been fun but so far has taken me twice as long as the A+. Took me 2 weeks for each A+ exam (I scored high 800's), and after 6 weeks studying for the Network+ and I only feel 75% prepared. I WILL pass the exam, I just don't think I'm going to take a swing at it as quick as I did the A+.

    the certification is building a reputation as "tough for what most people consider an entry level networking exam".
    2016 goals - eJPT, MCSA Windows 10, something Linux
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