Problems with online proctoring

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Has anyone else had difficulties with online proctoring? When I took the 70-411 a couple months ago, I was all prepared to go in and take the exam and when I went to login, the Pearson Vue website was down. I ended up calling their tech support and spoke to someone in India. By the time they got it working, I missed the window to start the exam and they had to put in a work order with Microsoft and they contacted me a few days later to reschedule.

Fast forward to this evening. I had a 6:00 appointment to take the 70-412 and when I started the test, it was a Configuring Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 Exam....not the 70-412 exam. I called for the proctor and told him that this was the wrong test and he said he would have to cancel the exam and put in a work order with Microsoft, who would contact me in a few days. I rechecked my confirmation and I registered for the right was their screw up.

So this makes twice in just a few months that I psyched myself up to take the exam, stressed about it all day, then finally when it comes time to take the test, am unable to do so. Needless to say I am pissed at Pearson Vue and Microsoft for wasting my time.

Has any one else had similar experience? If you are thinking about taking an online proctored exam, don't!


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    I've only ever had delays for minutes with connection problems. Never anything as bad as what you have experienced.
    Good luck for next time.
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    I had a similar experience with taking ITIL foundation. Was psyched/stressed about the test and logged in etc, only to find out they didn't have me on the 'books'. grr
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I wrote the 411 exam three weeks ago and had no trouble at all.. after waiting a few minutes for the proctor to come online and say hello, it was seamless
    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    Ok, so I took the exam again tonight and again it said "Configuring Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Sharepoint Exam" when I went to go take the exam. However, this time I decided to start the test just in case it was really the right exam and just had the wrong title. Sure enough, it was the right 70-412 exam with the wrong title. What's weird is even my score report says 412 - Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Sharepoint. But I assure you it was the 70-412 exam. Attached is a screenshot of my score report.. So if anyone takes the 70-412, don't freak out, it is the right exam.
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    Damn, this is absurd. How come they did not review this title issue. I did online proctored twice and it was a positive experience so far. Good Luck.!
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    Thats funny. I just took my 70-332 (Advanced solutions of Sharepoint). But I've never online proctored - I always go to a center. Maybe next time I"ll try this.
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