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pearljampearljam Posts: 134Member
I think I've asked this before but never got a really good answer.

I don't know what path I want to go down because I have interests in so many areas. I'm currently working in Tellecomunications so collab would obviously be beneficial. But I want what is going to not just satisfy me but also be beneficial. If I were to go r&s or security and have experience in Tellecomunications would I be able to go get a job in one of those areas or would companies look and say I have the cert but no experience?


  • pearljampearljam Posts: 134Member
    I'm really tired so the grammar is terrible lol.
  • Codeman6669Codeman6669 Posts: 227Member
    well do you know exactly where you want to go? If you understand telecommunications, get a ccna if your interested in networking. You will see the two fields are very much entwined and it will help you morph your resume into something more suiting like a network technician or whatnot.

    Figure out what your end goal down the road is.
    Now figure out where you got to build to get there. The CCNA is a great step to just about anywhere in the IT field.
  • james43026james43026 Posts: 303Member
    Telecom and networking, are very much growing closer, with voice comms moving to VOIP for most organizations.
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