Microsoft Booster Pack: Certification exam + 4 retakes + practice test

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I just failed the 70-412 exam with a paltry 494 after eight weeks of studying. I've been using ITPro TV, CBT Nuggets, and Pluralsight (didn't finish the series yet). For practice tests, I used Transcender and Boson, and for labs, I used MeasureUp. I gave up on the books (Sybex, MS Exam Ref, etc) after the 70-411 exam (took it before 70-410), because they didn't offer anything that the videos already offer.

This approach worked for 70-410 and 70-411. With the 70-411 exam, I got a 530 the first time, took the Boson practice exams, and scored a 740 two weeks later. With 70-410 I scored a 680 the first time, took the test again a week later and scored a 700.

I need to add something new to the mix. Has anyone tried the Microsoft Booster Pack: Certification exam + 4 retakes + practice test? I'll probably need the extra retakes, but I'm not sure if the practice test is worth my time. At $225, I'm considering this.



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    It is well known that the 70-412 is an insanely hard exam. Why don't you take the 74-409 instead? Pretty sure it will still get you the MCSA Server 12
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    Unfortunately I'm locked into the 70-412 exam because it's part of my degree plan.

    I was able to confirm that the practice test in this package is MeasureUp, which I've used before, and didn't feel it "MeasuredUp" to Boson, but I've pretty much memorized the Boson test bank, and I need something new. I need something to bring me up to speed within the next week or two.
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    Have you actually rolled out a VM and tried labbing yourself?
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    I just bought the Booster Pack for the 411 and started using the Measure Up exams a couple days ago and I'm not too impressed with them. I was using the Transcender ones before that but started just memorizing the answers and felt like I needed a fresh test so I thought I'd give that a try with the Booster Pack. I think next I'll go with the Boson because I've heard really good things about them.
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    This is the good feedback on the Boson practice tests. I'm currently reviewing them and getting ready for my 410 exam that I'm writing in a couple of weeks. I find the practice exams to be very inclusive. Have you found that they're representative of the actual exams?

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    Yes, I've set up a lab, and use it to walk through setting up different roles and features. However, I'll admit I haven't labbed as much as I should because of my time constraints.


    Yes, Boson helps a lot, and the questions are worded very similar to the real thing. Transcender questions are just intentionally complicated to the point that it's hard to even know what the question is really getting at.


    Yes, they are worth the money, and provide an accurate representation of the real thing. I would recommend them to anyone taking these exams.
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    I've also used the practice labs that Boson puts out. Granted Boson doesn't create the labs as they're done by and Boson just resells them. These labs are very well done an the tech support for the labs is also very good.
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    That's the same thing with MeasureUp labs, they use I probably would have been better off with an objective (i.e., setup a VM to failover to another server) than step by step instructions.
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