CCNP (SECURITY) vs Sec+ - Which one is better from Salary and knowledge point of view

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I am preparing to take CISSP exam soon but meanwhile am within striking distance of clinching Sec+ or CCNP (Security) cert.
In the long run CISSP is obviously much more desire able but lets say I don't manage to earn it this year.
Which cert will carry more weight and salary between Sec+ and CCNP (Security)? ( I do have ccna Sec already)
Can someone please advise?


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    If you already have CCNA Security, then Security+ would not be very beneficial for you. Using CompTIA's classification, Security+ is an entry-level security certification. They do have the CASP - CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification, which is their "Professional" level exam. Keep in mind that CompTIA as an organization is vendor-neutral. If you have the ability to get CCNP Security, I would definitely go for that. It is four separate exams, but they would carry MUCH more weight than any CompTIA cert.
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    Security+ won't open any doors for you. It's an entry-level security cert that will give you a decent 101-level knowledge of the field. It won't give you any direct hands-on technical experience that you can immediately apply at work.

    If you're already a network admin/engineer or CCNA then CCNA Security is a better choice as it gives you more marketability and knowledge that can directly help in your current role more than Security+ can.

    If you aren't working in networking then CCNA Security probably won't open many doors, either. From what I know, it's geared more towards people with networking experience in their current role who want to expand some.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Security+ should be mandatory for every single person in every IT department in the world. 5 years ago, not so much. Nowadays, security touches everybody in their daily life regardless of whether they actually know it or not. It's an ugly world out there and it isn't getting any better as time goes on.....
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    OctalDumpOctalDump Member Posts: 1,722
    Sec+ is entry level. People are typically doing it amongst their first few certs, often with no or little IT experience. CCNP is professional level, typically meaning the candidate has 3-5 years in the role.

    Even if you were comparing CCNA Security and Security+, CCNA Security is going to win out as it has more assumed knowledge and experience.

    CCNP Security and CISSP is probably a good combination, as it gives you practical skills at a fairly high level along with the "bigger picture" stuff of CISSP to put it in an organisational context.

    CASP does have some value, but being vendor neutral it is much more diffuse, covering more areas. And if certification=money is your concern, CASP probably wouldn't cut it outside of US DoD roles.
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    lukingluking Banned Posts: 46 ■■□□□□□□□□
    PCTechLinc, 636-555-3226 and OctalDump
    Thanks very much for the guidance. I will focus on CCNP first to get it out of the way before going for CISSP
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