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Hi folks,

I'm intending on sitting the CCNA Wireless exam in the next month or so, I've just read through the official study guide but I'm looking for some practice exams or an exam simulator, that kind of thing. Like what's available for the CCNA R&S.

Can anyone point me in the direction of that kind of thing?

Also...Any advice regarding the exam? How often do the questions change? Are the questions the same worldwide? I'll be sitting mine in the UK.

What is a "****"? When someone posts a load of Q&A for you to memorise?



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    I'd recommend the Cisco Press Book and the Pearson IT Video Course with Jerome Henry. Those alone should be enough, but you need to know everything really well, even the most obscure details. There's a lot to memorize. Unfortunately, CCNA Wireless is more memorization-focused than CCNA R&S.

    **** are banks of questions supposedly pulled from real exams. I'd recommend against them for several reasons: 1) They're not ethical, 2) You wouldn't know if the questions were outdated, 3) You're wasting brain space memorizing questions when you could be memorizing useful information both for the exam and for real-life work scenarios.
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    Thanks for the info!

    Ah ok, I've never used **** before. Do you know where I might get some legitimate practice tests?
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    One more there a lot of things in the exam around the WLC? Like which menu to access to get to X feature etc?

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    Did you do the exam Ian? How difficult was it? I am going to sit the exam soon as I have been reading up in Wireless in Cisco and Aruba.
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    I passed!!! Just icon_smile.gif pass mark was 860 out of 1000, i got 867.

    There was quite a bit about Prime Infrastructure, I'd only ever read about that in the official study guide. I defo recommend downloading the virtual WLC (you can install on Oracle Virtualbox), it gives you some practice about the menus etc.

    Its worth reading around different sources online, as I would say that the official cert guide doesnt cover everything!! I had so simulator questions, just q&a.

    Also...i purchased "*********" exam's awful!!! There was loads of question in it that I had no clue about at all...dunno if it was from the old syllabic or something lie that.

    Anyway......good luck!
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    Press book is a good idea
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