Its official. Passed LX0-104

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I'm officially Linux+ certified. Took the lx0-104 today and passed. It was tough but I pulled it off. I decided to cram and take the exam today since I found a cheap voucher. Barely passed but I passed.
I'm thinking of going for the OSCP next. Probably take a quick break and clear my ps4 backlog lol


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    That's awesome, great job on passing. :D
  • jasonperry10jasonperry10 Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
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    Congratulations!! are you doing the 3-1 certification? if so, how's the process work?
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    Congratulations!! are you doing the 3-1 certification? if so, how's the process work?
    Yes, I did the 3-in-1 cert. It was easy. It only took about 3 days to get the additional 2 Certs. I took Linux+ on a Saturday and received the cert almost instantly. i logged into comptia Sunday night and released my info to LPI. LPI emailed me Monday morning saying I had a an ID and had completed an exam with them. A few hours later that day I received another email stating that I had received the LPIC-1 certification. Then I went to Novell to apply for the SUSE CLA cert. I received confirmation later that day.

    So I completed Linux+ on a Saturday and had received all 3 Certs by end of Monday. Very easy quick process. Your Linux+ Score test printout will give a step by step process on it
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    What did you use to study?
  • jasonperry10jasonperry10 Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I signed up for Linux academy and also used the linux+ sybex book.
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    @jasonperry10 - would you say the LinuxAcademy tutorials are enough to pass?
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