Passed 29 April 2016

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I passed yesterday my CISSP exam on first attempt.

Experience: 2 years in Networking and 6 years in Pentesting, IS Consulting, PCI DSS

- Sybex 7th (I read only 17 Chapter)
- Cybrary CISSP Videos: You MUST check the videos at least 2 times before going to the exam

Honestly I didn't study as expected (9 days) due to short time and I was obliged to take the exam on 29/04 because my voucher is already booked and it will be expired after 30 april

- Put the MANAGER hat before going to exam, remember your a RISK ADVISOR, always go for the managerial answer unless the answers are 100% technical
- Every decision must be based on RISK MANAGMENT
- CISSP is testing your BEST PRACTICES
- People safty come FIRST !
- Security is for supporting business
- Read the questions quarefully and focus on the keywords: MOST, BEST, MINIMUM ...
- Don't flag a lot of questions for review


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