NIC Failover

I realise this question is probably in the wrong section, however i just need some general ideas on this.

As a networking guy i can setup redundant gateways for servers to get off the local network etc but from a windows server perspective whats the best method for setting up redundant networking ?

I few ideas come to mind but non are great.
I'm just looking to bounce a few ideas off other people to see how others are doing it.

1) multiple cards/links with round robin DNS doing the work - not ideal as clients will still have issues on a failure.

2) NIC teaming - OK so this is a native option in Server 2012 and possibly the best, server 2008 we are depending on NIC manufacturer for the teaming aspect.

3) VMWare with multiple uplinks - i have tried this but for some reason our switches don't honor gratuitous arp so the mac addresses have to timeout before failover occurs. It does work but a 5 minute failover is too long.

Can anyone provide any other possible solutions ?

Thanks in advance

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