ExamCram 801-802 for 901 good idea?

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Hey everyone,

My original goal was to do the 800 series last month. I'm 14 and like the lazy high-school freshman I am, I have been procrastinating so much I currently haven't even gotten to half of the Exam Cram book right after Professor Messor's videos.

To be on the safe side, I have decided to study for the 900 series.

Would it be safe to say (at least for the 801/901) I could still use it for the 901 with my current 800 series book I own and it still being a great help?

Also, if anyone has suggestions for another light review book like the Exam Cram specifically for the 900 series would be awesome.


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    If I were you, I would stay on the safe side and buy a book for the 900 series.
    If that isn't an option, you could just finish the exam cram book and then review the objectives and plug any knowledge gaps with Professor Messor 900 series videos. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

    Like I said though, better to be safe than sorry. Get a 900 series book.

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    Why not study from the objectives? Most of the content will remain unchanged, therefore if you have an 'older' text, one still will have most of the material available from the author, then simply supplement the rest.

    However, I am curious why with your lack of experience you only want a 'light' review text? You have already stated you are procrastinating, so why bother taking the exams until you are certain you want to pursue the career? I know several very respected techs who never took the A+ because they simply never worked with that level of support and instead focused on their respective area of Networking/Security they did support.
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