How are you guys going about taking these exams?

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Hi everyone.

I just completed my A+. My cousin whose in a big company with high pay is telling me to get a MSCE. Seeing that envolves taking 7 tests, I would think that would take me at least 14months to complete; if its 1 every 2 months. Now I just have access to my home computer, I dont think I can pass those tests without hands on knowledge of the equipments and programs. Now my questions:
1. How long did it take you to complete your exams? From 270 to where you are now.
2. What were you doing while preparing for these exams? Where you already in a work place where you deal with test materials?

I would appreciate it if you help me out. It would help me map out my road to becoming MSCE. Because right now I'm just sitting at home looking for books and study material....which bores me and very unmotivating. I don't think I can stare at my monitor and hitting the books for 14 months straight. Thx for all the support so far from this community.


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    All I have is 270, but I'll give you my .02...working with the stuff everyday is an obvious advantage, however I believe that pretty much all of the MS exams can be passed without such a job. A home lab especially for the server and security exams is probably a must, and of course a real drive to succeed. Hope this helps.
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    Be prepared for a long haul. It is worth it however. I passed the few couple of 2000 MCSE exams having not even seen an AD environment. By the time I got to the last 5 exams I was studying simultaneously while working on a project to roll out AD. We had a lab for POC work and I used that quite a bit which helped heaps.

    It took me, in total 2 years to complete. This includes waiting until after the Professional and Server exams before trying to tackle stuff I hadn't even seen (paper MCSE). So I'd say a good 18 months of reading, hands on labs, hands on production, practise exams and a lot of sweat and tears (more tears)

    This was because I actually wanted to learn the stuff and not just pass exams which seems to be style these days. Not that its newbies faults but because employers put ridiculous demands on people by asking for an MCSE just to start out or do help desk work which is really not necessary.
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