Your thoughts on FEDVTE?



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    gncsmith wrote: »
    I have access as a veteran, HOWEVER....we as veteran's and not yet government employee's with a .gov, or .mil email address do not have access nor can we see all the available courses. Example: the HBSS course is not in my menu, nor are a few others. If you look at the FedVTE Course Catalog it will list all available yet not all will be in your menu.
    Did you verify your veteran status with FedVTE through Supposedly you can get regular access without a government email as long as you verify through that site. I haven't gone through the process myself though.

    Edit: the above link passed you off to Troop ID, which is the actual verification site.
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    Yes, that's how I got access. However, you still will not have access to all courses.
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    I try to use FedVTE for every certification that I train for. I use it as a supplemental resource. I think the material that is presented is pretty good and represents some good hands-on material.
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