I was just wondering. How important is C++? I think its something good to learn and play around with.... but how many of you use it on a daily basis? I do want to learn some programming because there are a lot of programming jobs in my area. I know C++ is just the beginning, then you have Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and HTML 5.




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    Thoughts from a newbie: I know on Bsc degrees C++ tends to be the starting point. Though I hear Java is equally recommended and then HTML 5. Though some are more advanced than other programs, it really is personal choice as to your starting point. Which as I said for many is often C++ or Java or HTML. The advice I hear most often is (for beginner programmers) to stick with one program before moving onto another and keep building on your knowledge of that program. Gain a solid foundation first in coding one program and other programs will follow.
    Hopefully more experienced people will chime in with their responses!
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    Thanks. the reason I want to learn at least one language is because my ultimate goal is to do Pen testing. And on the pen testing thread they recommended to learn Bash scripting, power shell, python, or ruby. Because metasploit is written in ruby.
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    Well ... my .02 is that C++ is not a beginners language. I'm sure people will disagree, but most programmers I know started with a procedural language such as C and then stepped into object oriented programming.

    If you want to get into security (pen testing) then I would go right to Linux/Unix + Bash and Python. If you want to get into software development then go for C++/Java/.NET family.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am looking to go into Pen testing, computer forensics. So I think I will take the Linux/Unix + Bash and Python route!
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