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Hello guys, I am studying for my first Microsoft cert and I am having problems setting up my test network. I have a DSL modem connection and three PCs, one running windows server 2003 and two xp machines. The problem that I am having is in my DNS config. I attempted to install active directory on my 2003 machine but I keep getting an error in my DNS settings. This is my set up and what I tried. As I said I have a DSL modem that acts as a DHCP server and a NAT firewall that hands out private IPs to my machines but it also gets an IP through DHCP from my ISP that changes. From what I read in the book I set my 2003 machine up with a private static IP address that is in the same subnet as the private address side of the DSL modem, also I configured the DNS to use the IP of the 2003 machine so that the rest of my network would look to it for DNS and so I could set up A.D on it. I also set the DSL private IP as my gateway address and I promoted the 2003 machine to a domain controller to set up A.D. I also installed DHCP on the 2003 machine. I configured my other two-xp machines to receive DNS and DHCP from my 2003 machine and used the DSL as the gateway. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    ok so you have a server2003 machine and you installed DHCP on it and configured it with a static address (192.168.0.x i assume?) and set it's primary DNS server as itself and you're not able to install active directory because of some DNS problem, am i correct?

    however later on you say that you promoted it to a domain controller. which implies that active directory is installed. i will assume that it isn't a domain controller.

    first of all > install DNS on your server and see if after that you are able to promote it.
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    I am sorry, you are right I did misword that a bit. I was able to install A.D. but it gave some sort of DNS error so I installed DNS services serprately. However, I was never able to get my network to function after the installation so my guess was that I had misconfigured DNS or that I had not pointed to all of the proper IPs for each machine. It has been a while since I have tried this due to the fact that I could never get it to work correctly. I assumed that their was some sort of conflict with my internal settings and the public side of the DSL WAN settings. I could no longer reach the internet after I set up A.D. I know my inexpirience shows here but that's what I am trying to correct by setting up a test network. I followed the instructions out of the M.S. press 70-290 book to set up a dummie domain.
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    so is the current problem
    1. you are not able to connect to the internet from your (server/xp?) machine, and/or
    2. your computers can't communicate with each other?
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    This thread would be better posted in the 291 forum me thinks :P

    Can you give some more detail on the dns errors and network problems you are having?

    Why not configure your testing lab on a seperate IP network to your DSL box..?
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