Barely Passed 70-294

FouveFouve Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
I just took the 70-294 exam Monday...I passed with a 700 icon_eek.gif I had taken it once before that and got a 596 without much studying(wanted to get a feel for the test) and then took it again with the free re-take a week later after some heavy cramming with my pal the MS Press book and Testout teaching software(very good program btw). Now it's on to the 293, 228, 229, and 297!

Test wasn't extremely hard, but it was pretty difficult. It won't ever be as bad as the 291 imo. Couple was restricting users from accessing certain objects, setting up a domain, and enforcing lan security. I found all the sims ridiculously easy but the questions, on the other hand, were very difficult because of the wonderful Microsoft wording...bleck.
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