Took the 220-801. But going to buy academic vouchers for 802. Any issues?

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I took the 220-801 but im going to buy academic vouchers from CompTIA Academic Marketplace since i have an edu account. Will i have any issues taking the JK0-802 verison?

I have an EDU email account with a University I attended but I'm not currently enrolled as a student. Could I purchase from the academic store? Any one tried?


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    I have 2 vouchers i can sell for the 800 series, usa region $120
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    I don't see any issues in taking the JK0 version of the exam. The JK series is a formal tuition based learning through an academic course, as you stated with your edu account. If you are eligible to purchase it with your account, then you can do so. There is literally no difference between the 220 version and the JK0 version besides the cost, so if you did your 220-801 and do the JK0-802 you will still achieve your A+.
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    Why was my thread removed in regards to comptia marketplace? When I can search for other threads in regards to the same subject?
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