good quality cd-r s??? need suggestions??

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i bought some cds 100 pack for like 10 bucks at fry's about 2 years ago... and i recently noticed that they are basically rotting away. they either turn a weird color or the edges start chipping.

what is the best brand cdr that last the longest? these are no name cdrs from frys and they are horrible.


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    We use TDK disc's at work (the white one's that you can print on), and as we buy in large quantities they can sit in stock for a couple of years and they have always been fine.

    Saying that, I've never had a problem with any cheapo disc either ....
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    You should look for CD-Rs that are well-supported by your burner.

    The overall result is influenced by the CD-R and burning quality so it is important to have a good match in medium and burner.

    Check the manufacturer website or google for media lists of your burner.
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    Sunlight with kill CDR's; excessive heat to cold cycles will make them peel ; even intense floresent light will make the top one unusable. Most brands put a cardboard cover on or use a blackened blank as the top one. My neighbor was always complaining about CDR's and DVD's going bad until I mentioned to him that the bookshelf under the spare bedroom window was not a very good storage place. Now he keeps them in a drawer and his complaints have stopped.
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  • We also use TDK and Dynex on my tech bench. Go for ones with a gold colored coding, that kind lasts the longest.
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