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Hey guys. I know these questions get asked a lot but please bear with me.

I'm coming from a non-IT background and now looking for a way to get my foot in the door to the world of IT. I'm studying for the Comptia A+ 902 exams and just wondering what are the best certs to get for desktop support?

Can you recommend some Microsoft/Apple certifications that would help that aren't going to expire any time soon?


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    CompTIA is usually the first step. Get your A+ and Net+ then move from there to a Microsoft certification (or whatever interests you).

    Most certifications are going to either expire or the technology is going to become obsolete (at least to the point of finding companies wanting someone with that skill). This is the rub - something you have to get used to if your are going to succeed in this field. Continual improvement through learning new technologies, methodologies and software / hardware. If you don't stay relevant you will become obsolete in the IT field. Sucks but it's how it is.

    Sorry long winded, CompTIA first, that should get you in the door.
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    Thanks Lex.

    What I meant by doesn't expire is exams that aren't going to be discontinued in the next few months. I don't mind studying, but if the certification period is due to end soon it may be a wasted effort studying for them, and I end up not being able to take the exam to get certified.

    With my lack of experience, I'm unfortunately going to have to go for level entry qualifications until I build up-to Network+ etc.
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    It gets tricky, you need to do your homework. Believe it or not test centers and training facilities WILL absolutely allow you to purchase exams and study material for old stuff. You just need to go to the companies website (in this instance CompTIA) and see what the latest exam is. Also with some Google searches you can find when that exam code will be expired.

    Microsoft is a bit different, they don't expire you just don't want to get a certification that doesn't have a lot of real world value and won't help you land a job (IE Vista b/c no one adopted Vista).

    Looking at CompTIA's website they just updated their exam code to 220-901 and 220-902. So you want to ensure the study material you purchase covers those specific codes and when you sign up for the exam you sign up for those codes.
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    Check on the CompTia website. The Best way to get into a Help Desk role is to get your A+, Net+ or Sec+ and then move into more specialized certifications.

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