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Hello good people,

has anyone used Measureup for the Security+ exam and how helpful was it for preparation?

I previously have used it for Network+ and found it more difficult than the actual exam.

What are your thoughts and experiences with it?

Many thanks in advance!


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    I used MeasureUps for my A+, Network+ and currently for my Security+ which I have in 1 months time. I think its an excellent resource to prepare you for the exam. The questions are definitely harder than the actual test which is good as you may find the real test easier than expected and you should fly through it. They also provide excellent descriptive detail on the answers and why the answer is what it is, which can help you make sense of something you may have found difficult.

    I wouldn't just rely on MeasureUps as a study material though. Use Professor Messers videos and make notes on each section and then revise them. Use MeasureUps when you feel ready for the test but want to practice before hand. The number of questions on there is also limited, so don't waste them (you may see the same question appear after each test and cause you to instantly memorise the answer without thinking).

    9/10 helped me and will continue to do so. Worth the money.
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