Exam In 4 Days

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Hello everyone,

I am due to sit the Security+ exam on Monday and am looking for some pointers on what to go over etc and what to expect from the exam without breaking NDA.

Many Thanks.


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    Go over the CompTIA Security+ objectives and make sure you are comfortable with them all. It also has a section in the back with all acronyms that could pop up. Anything you are unsure of go over a few times and maybe do a few practice questions.


    I'm doing my Sec+ in a month and have been told it's similar to the Net+ layout. It will start with a few simulation questions then onto the multiple choice. Using the objectives as a checklist has helped me with the Net+ and is doing so with Sec+. Good luck with your exam. Maybe provide some feedback after on how it went?
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    Yes I most definitely will. Just going over Application Attacks at the moment it's a bit of a weak area for me. Then as you mentioned go over the objectives and read anything I'm not greatly familiar with. Thank you!
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    Professor Messer. thats all you need... Listen to the videos in the car, on break, wherever you are...
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