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i took the XK0-002 linux + exam
but failed 600 score 675 to pass

the passing score is 675 on a 98 questions exam
90 minutes to complete

If i am allowed, I would like to write some feedback regarding the questions i encountered..

most of the questions were about networking with linux
some were about least secure encryptions
a few about 3DES on VPN with linux..
tripwire command was also there.
how to mount a SMB share using smbmount command.
some questions were about umask,chmod, chown
whodo command was there
top with -R option
tail -F to view log files
httpd and CUPS were there
almost no questions regarding hardware installation or scsi..

some questions were about AES being reversible
how to assing a second ip to an eth0 nic
how to correctly use route add command
iptables -n -L to clear or flush table

well, i studied the XK0-001 objectives but found that i wasted my time studing old material
if you want to do better than me study the XK0-002 objectives from Ex. **** or such..
i will give it a try in a few weeks..

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