Hide folders using the $ sign

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Hi, i'm wondering if i use the $ to hide a folder such as the sysvol folder on my server, can the AD users still use it but not be able to see it? I want a solution to where i hide these files but users can still access them?



  • PJ_SneakersPJ_Sneakers CompTIA, EC-Council, ISACA, (ISC)², Microsoft USAMember Posts: 880 ■■■■■■□□□□
    All that does is make the share not show up in Explorer, more or less. It has no security value at all.

    What is your end goal?
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    Somebody already asked about hiding folders like sysvol...it is meant to be visible for normal operation and you do not want to hide it.
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    Surely it has somekind of minor security value if it at least hides the folders from people. I was think that the clients still maybe could get to the folders in someway because the OS files in a machine are hidden under this method and a PC can still get access to those folders when possible.
    I'm not sure, it was just a query to be honest. How does one stop a person from looking at the sysvol folder then. I'm aware they need it, but at the same time i dont want them clicking on it etc...
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    The security value of the $ is its invisibility feature. unless a user knows the folders path and name they wouldn't be able to access it.

    If you're wanting more security look up access based enumeration in your 70-410 material.
  • Robbo777Robbo777 Member Posts: 331 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Yeah i thought of ABE right after i posted that last post to be honest haha.
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