So confused with Todd Lammle CCENT and Packet Tracer

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So confused on what Routers and modules in Packet Tracer to use with Todd Lammle CCENT book. I'm looking at Figure 8.8 on page 345 and it says I need serial port S0/0 and S0/1 on one of the routers. I can't find the routers or modules that have these ports. I'm stuck here and not sure if I'm even asking the right questions! Please help! Also, is there another easier way to learn this?


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    You need to add the physical interfaces manually. For example, I selected a 2911 router and clicked on it. You should automatically be on the physical tab, once there turn off the router. Drag and drop a serial interface from the bottom right and place it in one of the black/grey rectangle looking ports. Turn on the router, wait for it to load, then issue a show run command. If you have any more concerns, post here or shoot me a PM.
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    Thanks for the help. This link also help cleared up my confusion too:

    Interface and Line Numbers in Cisco 1800, 2800 and 3800 Series Routers - Cisco
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    Swaswaswa is correct. You can also use the 2620XM router. Drag it to the workspace, click on it, click the power button to turn it off. Drag the WIC-2T module over to the right empty slot, turn the router back on. It will have interfaces S0/0 & S0/1. For the SF & LA routers, Drag the 1841 router to the workspace, add the same module, you'll have the S0/0/0 & S0/0/1 interfaces.

    Quick tip...once you place one of the 1841 routers on the workspace with the WIC-2T module, click once on it, then copy/paste (Ctrl-c; Ctrl-v), it will add another 1841 router to the workspace with the module already in it. Keep tapping paste to add more and more routers.

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    I had the same issues OP so don't feel bad. I eventually figured it out but it was frustrating to start that's for sure. I'm a little further ahead in the book than you are but if you have some questions feel free to PM me. Once I had packet tracer up and running it's actually quite fun to go through the examples and build different networks.
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    I know this is old but thanks. I've been trying to figure this out for the past 30+ mins.
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    You can get some pre-configured PT Labs also -
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