MCSA Server 2008 or Server 2012?

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Hello, im interested me for the MCSA Server 2008 Exams. How long is the Certification available? Or it is better im doing Server 2012? Sorry for my bad english - but im german! icon_smile.gif Greets Neuer


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    Just the thread I was looking for.

    I also have been looking at doing one of these two certs, however i'll be doing them further down the line.

    The majority of our servers at my workplace use Server 2008, but common sense would tell me to do the Server 2012 certification instead as I would assume it to be more future-proof. But then, my old workplace used Server 2003 up until last year, so does it really matter?

    If anybody could outline the major benefits to learning 2008 over 2012, or vice-versa, that would be great.

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    I would focus on server 2012. 2008 is very prevalent throughout the enterprise but you aren't likely to have a job turned down for not having a 2008 certification. Your energy is best spent on 2012 which will be more valid through the next few years.
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    I think that 2012 is the way to go. 2008 introduced Microsoft's virtualization solution, but it's really much more powerful and capable in 2012. I believe that you'll miss SIGNIFICANT usages for virtualization that you would get in training for 2012.

    They're going to be in use for a while to come while 2003 and 2008 are going to be own less and less market share.
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    If choosing one or the other, I can't think of any reason spend time on 2008R2 over 2012R2.
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    With Windows Server 2016 coming out anytime soon, expect MCSA 2008 exams to be retired. Microsoft tries to give at least 6 months notice prior to retirement (according to ). Assuming that you go for MCSA 2008, are you able to pass the necessary exams within 6 months?
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    Years ago when my company was still on 2003, I got the 640 and 642 towards the (what was then) 2008 MCITP. I stalled and didn't get the 646 to complete it, and a few years later the company was still 90% on 2003 with a smattering of 2008. I was going to restart the 646 to finish up but found out the plan was to be on 2012 in the next year and a half (this was last year), so I had a decision: Complete the 2008 and then upgrade to 2012 with the 417 OR go straight to 2012 with the 410 and 411 (I already passed the 409 when it came out free), so it was 2 tests either way.

    Anyway, perhaps that was just a long winded way of saying I would (and did) choose the 2012 route, esp with 2016 coming out
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    I agree with everyone else 2012. I started my 2008 years ago and never got around to finishing. Now I only have one more exam to take before I can receive my 2008. Afterwards I'll look at studying to upgrade to the 2012 a little later. I could just start 2012 right off the bat but, 6 exams vs taking 2, lol seems like a given.
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