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Hi All,

I'm changing careers after 20 years in oil and gas. I've always wanted to get into IT but never really had the time. I now have about 3 1/2 months off to prepare, but don't know the correct course to take. I've looked into the CompTia Network+, and the Sans GSEC course. It seems Sans have a better training program than the Network+. The network+ seems more like a study from every resource you can get you hands on, ingest as much as you can and hope to pass a test with open ended questions. I find it sad that CompTia's CerMaster has such bad reviews, one would think that they world prepare you the best. Anyway, would Sans GSEC on demand bootcamp be enough to pass the exam for a newbie? Like I said, I have until August 2016 to take the exam. Thank you!


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    Start with the A+ Net+ or Sec+ the GSEC is too advanced for a newbie... also what part of IT are you trying to go into????

    -Network admin
    -Sys Admin
    -Ethical Hacking

    Start with the baby steps young skywalker.... get the foundational knowledge first, take some time and think what you want to do, THEN plan a road map on how to get there...

    May the force be with you!

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    A big thank you for the advice. My dream is to have a Computer forensic business (tracking cyber bullies, Cheating husbands etc...), but seems like theres more of an immediate need for Infosec and networking. At the moment, I'm just trying to get my foot in the door with a decent salary. I read that the A+ is useless and its better to start from Network+. All the horror stories on the forums about how hard the Network+ is got me a little scared. Seems like there is no real study source since the upgrade to N10-006. One guy was saying there's only a 31% passer ratingicon_eek.gif. I'd rather start from a-z the forensic route if there is one, at least I would enjoy the learning aspect.
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    I'm basically at the same point here and discovered that CISSP/GSEC is too much to start with. I think Sec+ or GCIA might be a good start, and I know Sec+ is the basis for anyone that touches a Dod/Gov system from what I can see and have heard. There's a great resource "sticky" thread with a ton of good books as resources via Amazon too. Good luck bro.
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