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Hi Guys,

How "Deep" do I need to go into Subnetting for the N+?
I can work out a Subnet (Network ID / Host ID), How many Hosts on a Subnet etc. There is a full 16 Videos on CBT nuggets that I have found and tempted to go through, but worried that I will spend all my time learning Subnetting and forget about everything else.



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    Cool, thank you. I didn't want to spend all my time being bogged down with Subnetting, but need to know enough that should it come up, I can work it out.
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    Thanks @Skyliinez.

    I have download the requirements and just working my way through. I took a practice test the weekend and got 60%. Still have another 4 weeks of study so hopefully I will be able to hit a 1st Time pass. Onto either CCNA or Linux+ from there.
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    I've been getting 70s on practice test here lately. My test is in three weeks. I'm super nervous to take it. The guy I'm kind of in competition with is on his 5th attempt.
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    5th attempt!!! Wowzers, that's a lot of money!
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    You gotta be proactive. Get synergy with coworkers to dive deep into subnetting on your lunch break :D
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    Dude, you really need to know subnetting. And you won't get "bogged down", if you dedicate 2-4 days on it, with a subnetting workbook, just do them over and over and you'll get it, easy. It's like math, repetition is key.
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