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I was originally thinking of taking the CAPM but after looking through the requirements I find that I have job history that would allow me to apply for the PMP since I've been using the processes requested. My question to the forum is:

Has anyone ever applied for PMP and been audited and/or rejected?
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    I recently applied and was audited. A coworker took the test last year and was audited. Hence, I was prepared before I even applied.
    I already had my diploma ready to be photocopied. I also contacted my university and was able to get a form to fill out in the event I needed my transcripts. When I got audited, I emailed them the form and they sent me an unofficial transcript which I submitted with my diploma.

    I had my certificate from my 35 hour PM course from a local university. I also contacted them and got that transcript as well.

    I had already sat with my manager and went thru every project I submitted along with the breakdown of the hours per process group. When we were in agreement, I let him know that if I got audited he would have to sign for each of these which he willingly accepted and subsequently did without reservation. You have to print out every project that your submitted (they give you the pdfs) and your manager(s) have to sign each and then put it in a sealed envelop and sign the back. Easy. I got audited on a Monday and had the stuff in the mail on Tuesday and was at PMI by the Wednesday morning. I heard from PMI on Friday.

    I've heard nightmares about the process but all in all, the waiting to hear back from PMI was the hardest part. The rest was easy. They are well organized and submitting the application via their website was a straightforward process.

    Take a look on Linked in. Bob Mahler from Velociteach does a nice 1 hour session every couple of weeks (or at least once a month) that was very helpful as well. He's a great guy and I like their company so much I've booked a boot camp at the end of this month. I was going to go for the CAPM, but in reality, the studying is so intense and so much of the material is the same that I decided to go for the PMP. I've been studying since Feb / March and hope to take the test in June. I am reading Andy's book and Rita's book and started with PMP Head First. I am doing questions from PM Prepcast and Velociteach and soon Rita. I have watched Velociteach's InSite videos all the way through once and I am 50% thru my 2nd pass. I hope to go through it at least twice if not 3 times before the course and I hope to answer 1000 if not 2500 questions before the Exam.

    Another great book for only $10 on the kindle vs $40 in print is from Aileen Ellis. She's super nice. I also recommend Shiv Shenoy's kindle books as well for only $0.99 per book it's great for a quick review.
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