Route filters and CSC

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So I'm doing a lab with Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC), and I have eBGP between the CE and PE with label distribution. I wanted to filter what I will be advertising to the PE from my CE, so I created a route-map and applied it as the export policy. My lab broke as soon as I did that. So I tried removing all the "deny" terms from my route-map until all I had left was permit everything, but it was still broken. I took off the export policy and it works fine. I put it back on (it's just a "permit" term with no match clauses) and it breaks again. I did "show ip bgp neighbor x.x.x.x advertised-routes" and it shows the same prefixes whether I had the export policy or not.

So I start capturing the BGP messages and noticed something weird.

Here's an update message when I don't have an export policy:


Here's an update message when I do have an export policy:


For some reason, I'm not sending labels when I have an export policy applied even if the policy is just permit all.

Does anyone know why it's behaving like this?
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