Passed ITIL Foundation last month

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Hey! I know it's customary around here to make a post when you pass an exam to tell people what study materials you used, so here's mine.
I used the Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris ITIL Foundation Exam Study guide, pretty much exclusively. I took the test online through PeopleCert, which was easy to deal with. I found out I passed immediately, and they emailed the Cert a couple of days later.

Basically I read the book (1-3 chapters a day, depending) and did the chapter/practice exams. I also downloaded the "Sybex test engine" they talk about at the end of the book, and did those practice exams/flash cards, which helped.

The book is really informative, and (obviously) is all you need to pass the exam. The downside is that it is sooooo difficult to pay attention to. I had to re-read paragraphs at a time cuz I just tuned out. I know the authors check some of these threads, and I owe you both a big THANK YOU, but holy hell, could we throw some plot or an action sequence in there?? Maybe a hooker with a heart of gold, who just needs someone to help her redefine her Service Strategy, or a lovelorn vampire who can't distinguish between incident and problem management..I'm just saying.

Other than that, the book was great. I really felt like I learned a lot, as I'm actually applying ITIL practices in my department at work, and hope to encourage other departments to follow my lead. Right now, they do the opposite of what ITIL recommends.

Good luck to anyone studying for the course! The book is a bit of a dry read, but totally worth it. I'm keeping it around as a reference. And thanks once again to the authors!!!


postscript: I tried the CBT Nuggets for a couple chapters, but wanted to kill myself after a short while. I have family to provide for, which is why I went with the book.


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    How was taking it at home? is that where they watch you and have your PC on lockdown and you have to show them your desk etc....?
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    It was pretty easy. The proctor had me pan around the room with the webcam, show him the desk, etc.. The only hiccup was that I got disconnected, which he said may happen. I just logged back in, and he came back on and picked up where I left off. I had to have a working speaker and microphone as well, you're not supposed to use headphones. I had to use my headphone mic to talk to him, I just couldn't wear them during the exam.

    snip - removed unprofessional commentary.

    It was just a full-screen application, it wasn't a VNC as far as I could tell. Also, I got disconnected and had to log back in, which I guess is a normal thing for them. I don't think this is the kind of exam people **** on though. Maybe if it were a tech exam or something. He just watched through the webcam (I couldn't see him). It also seemed like he was off doing some other stuff though, cuz it took him a minute to get to the mic when I had a question.
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    Congratulations on the pass!
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    Congrats on the pass... Im thinking of fitting the ITIL foundations in as well. Im trying to get into Govt work and I know they may/may not need the ITIL.
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    Thank you both! I honestly just started it to pad my resume, but it turned out I learned a LOT from it. It's definitely changed my perspective on how I should be doing things. I have to go for Sec+ next, but I think I'd like to get the Practitioner cert eventually.
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    Congrats! And good input on the study materials and PeopleCert. Never heard of PeopleCert before.
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    Congrats! I am currently studying for the exam myself.
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    I am afraid that I can only agree that the material in the syllabus is dry (although I loved your suggestions on how to liven it up!). We tried to put in some real-life examples, but there are limits to what we can do to liven it up. We covered the syllabus, and achieved our aim of providing all you need to pass the exam, but we would never claim that the book is an easy read. However, I think the lesson here is that you should not try and cram - take your time - 1 chapter at a time, even if you return and do another later the same day. Try and think about what lessons the chapter may have for your own organisation. I am glad you found it useful.
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