Passed CEH Today (89.60%)

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TL;DR - Test is mostly straight-forward, but about 1/3 looks like CISSP or Sec+ topics that are NOT in the official study material!

Hello, TechExams::Friends,

I took my CEH this morning and passed with an 89.60%. The test took me about an hour and twenty minutes to go through.

I used the official EC CEHv9 materials, three massive tomes of about five hundred pages each, with two slides on each page! There are PDF versions on Aspen (which you get when you purchase the materials through EC) that have extra student notes, but I did not know about those until last night. I also got the six-month subscription to iLabs. I spent some time working through about half of the labs on iLabs.

I really wanted to wait to take the exam until after I finish OSCP, but my company wanted me to go ahead and take it. I was starting to worry last night, because I was doing so poorly on the practice tests in "CEHv9: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 Practice Tests." I was scoring anywhere from 88% all the way down to 69% (!!!) because of the confusing and sometimes flat-out-wrong questions.

Unlike the book mentioned above, I found the test itself to be, for the most part, quite reasonable. There were a small handful of questions with absolutely atrocious grammar that I could not quite figure out what they were asking for. But, I really didn't see any questions where there were "trick" answers. Most of them were quite straight-forward.

I think the reason why I did so well on the test, with only a couple of weeks of intensive study, was that I already have CISSP, CSSLP, and Sec+. I would say about 1/3 of the questions looked like they came from Sec+ or even CISSP; they were nowhere to be found in the official EC study material. There have been other discussions on this forum about that fact, so all I want to add is that there was nothing that was not on this list: https://cert.eccouncil.org/images/doc/CEH-Exam-Blueprint-v2.0.pdf

So, if you have CISSP or Sec+ recently, and you do a good bit of studying of the hacking stuff, you should do well. If you don't... well, look over the blueprint well, get a CISSP or Sec+ book, and read up on the stuff that is not covered in the official EC material. I did not order the companion study guide for the (IMHO awful) practice test book listed above.



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