Network+ Testing Observation and Thoughts

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This is my first post but I suspect many will follow. I am scheduled next week to take my Network+ exam on Mar 31st. I have been following this forum since I joined and I have noticed that no test have been the same. Some are received an exam with nothing but "Scenerios" and others have received test's with nothing but "Questions and very few Scenerios". From what has been passed on would it be best to say that generally one should study for the worse case of all scenerios instead of all questions? Just some thoughts I have been kicking around. But of course when I study I try to study for the worse case in question, in that way I am very well prepared. Thanks for letting me share my thought and I would like to know other forum member's thoughts on my observation. I have been using this site, plus cram master, discount exam, Mike Myers book, and Network+ Exam N10-003 from Syngress press which I have not heard much on. All the questions in the back of the book believe it or not are "Scenerio Based". Again thank you and have a good one all.
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