CCIE R&S update cycle? INE rack rental vs VIRL etc.

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how often is the CCIE updated? I read that CCIE R&S was updated to v.5 about 2 years ago. So is it due soon again?
I'm wondering in if I should get the "all access pass" on INE or just buy the Ultimate Bundle. I like it that you can download everything in the bundle. But if it is updated soon I guess I won't be able to get the new stuff without having to buy again.

Also is the INE racksgood enough for CCIE R&S? I've read mixed reviews. Or are there any other recommendations?
Cisco also got their own Expert Level Training racks.
I guess VIRL isn't enough for CCIE R&S. I've got a 15" mbpr i7 16mb ram. From what I read about the system requirements its not enough for big simulations.

I don't really want to buy my own equiptment due to storage limitations.

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    Yes it was updated two years ago so there's probably a few more years to go yet. Probably got another 2-3 years in it's current state.

    The AAP is a good purchase in my opinion, especially if you are interested in R&S because that's INE's most comprehensive IE they cover, IMO.

    If they do update it within your two year cycle then yes, you would get access to the new stuff provided they've released it all. I had the AAP during the time the v5 IE was released so I got to watch their ATC class mostly live as it was broadcast for the 1st time.

    I can't comment on their racks because I've yet to use their tokens. I had a few from when I had my AAP subscription but never needed them because I had all my own gear. I decided to hold onto the tokens just in case there was something I needed to practice that I couldn't with my own stuff but in the end didn't bother - so I've got them there for a rainy day.

    Their model is to use the CSR1000v - and for most labs you'd need 10 of these - but they consume 2GB RAM each - so you need a machine with 32GB RAM to do this comfortably on your own. VIRL is probably good enough too but again, I wouldn't know as I've never used it.
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