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I took the Security + exam today and received a score of 876.

Is there any way to really tell how many I got correct out of the 100?

When you get your results it says something to the effect:
"You missed one or more questions in the following objective areas:" And then it lists the areas you missed questions in but it doesn't say how many.

BTW - I found the test was a lot easier that I expected it to be. I studied mainly through taking practice exams and researching out the answers I was unsure of.


  • NOPE! Just guess
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    Which practice tests did you use?

    I suppose one of the ways you could no how many you got wrong is if you scored a 900. Although if say each question is worth 8 points then you got 3 wrong.... Start with 100 automatically then 100 questions each worth 8 = 900.

    Makes sense to me expecially with many scores I've seen having the differance being divisible by 8....
    900-764= 136/8=17 wrong
    900-876=24/8=3 wrong
    900-796=104/8 =13 wrong
    Just to show a couple examples.....
    There are some that don't come out perfectly though....
    900-866=34/8=4.25 wrong
    Perhaps questions with more than one box to check are still worth 8 but if you only get teh answer partially correct then you may only get 6 points ect....

    If it lists more than 3 on the print out of what areas you got wrong then so much for that idea....
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    CompTIA purposely keeps their method of scoring shrouded in mystery in the interest of "security". They try to keep the drainbumpers just off center to protect the integrity of the exams. Suffice it to say that there are actually three "forms" of the exam. The questions within each form are randomized as are the answer keys. icon_cool.gif
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    I would have to go with 8 marks for each question.

    Congrats on the pass :D
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