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Alright, I am getting my A+, Net+, Sec+, and Linux+ alongside working part-time, and going to college for my BS full-time. I have background knowledge for each cert, but I need a refresher and more in-depth knowledge. I know this is a highly subjective question, but how long might this take me? Anyone out there with similar responsibilities/time constraints? Are there recommended amounts of study time recommended by CompTIA or book authors? Any time-saving study tips? I'm hoping to be done this time next year, but that's a lofty goal at this point.



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    Really is impossible to say, It comes down to experience, amount of time studying you can put in per day. How well you retain information. There is to many variables to take into account.
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    I'd say probably a minimum of 30 hours per test, so at least 180 hours of study time.
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    Thank you both.

    The Meyers book I have for A+ recommends 250 hours of study time, but that seems like too much to me. I'm starting out by completing all of the chapter tests in order to get a baseline score, then I'll go chapter-by-chapter to refresh my knowledge. I guess we'll just have to see how long that takes. Anyone have an idea of how long it took them?
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    Take your time and retain the material... Don't try to see if you can get all of those certs done in a certian amnt of time... Pick one cert, study for it, learn the material.... pass the exam... then repeat.
    The length of time depends on how well you retain things. But this is not a race.
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    That's a great baseline of certifications. Are you trying to change part-time jobs while you finish your BS? If not then I would take your time and align your overall completion date based on your BS completion date. Keep in mind that 3 of those 4 certifications will have expiration dates, so if you're not putting them on the resume anytime soon than I wouldn't bother with taking the tests.

    A lot of people (especially around here) forget that you can study a subject, learn it, and not go pay for the certification test. I know it's nice to have, but you can always take your time learning the material, then take your tests around graduation time, save money on renewals, CPE's, etc.
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