Taking MTA 98-349 in a couple of weeks

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I'm a High School Student that is going to take MTA 98-349, I don't really know what I can study with. My teacher said that the exam is very hard so I'm kinda worried that i wont pass it, I would really need some advice on what I could study with.

Take it easy on me, first time here :D


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I took the exam a while ago and it was not very hard but I had experience as a repair technician. From what I remember, it is not very technical but covers a lot of features from the operating system. If you have experience repairing computers then it will not be that difficult. I did about two weeks of study before taking the exam.

    I used the book and some training videos.
    Here is the link for book I used: Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials: Tom Carpenter: 9781118195529: Amazon.com: Books

    For videos, there are some free ones on ITPro.tv that covers the specific certification. Here is the link: https://itpro.tv/course-library/

    A good way to prepare is to go over the what the exam will cover and study lab what you are not comfortable with: Here is the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-98-349.aspx

    For a test machine you can create virtual machines using Virtual Box to test features and configurations etc.

    Good luck on the exam!
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