WDS client not getting DHCP

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My WDS client is not getting a DHCP address from my /24 scope i have on my DHCP server. Everything is configured as far as WDS and DHCP is concerned. I cant see the reason as to why its not working.
The WDS client is a Hyper-V machine and is configured to obtain an address via DHCP through the legacy adapter (like i said, everything is set up fine).
It might be worth point out that the DHCP scope is configured on a /24 network subnet whereas the actually physical machine and DHCP server address is on a /24 address. Would this be an issue? Writing this out now i think it might be haha. Would i need to use a relay agent or can this just not be done?



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    You should have either a software or hardware based router to connect the two networks. The interface of the router on each network could be the default gateway for the connected machines on that network, or you could create static routes. I would give the client a manual address and make sure all that is working. Then configure the DHCP Relay option on the router to forward DHCP requests from network to your DHCP server.
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    I have changed the scope to a /24 to match the interface on my router and has so far picked up 2 non domain joined phones in my house as devices that have leases off the DHCP server. So it works, but the hyper-v machine that i'm trying to configure as a PXE client is still not picking up anything from the DHCP server. I'm not sure now why it is doing this.
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