Failed Security+ 714

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I just failed, bearly.

I'm a little bit disappointed.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do.

Also, the sims were so hard.

Thanks for your help everyone!


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    Hey, I think it's the wording on the exam. The exam questions are extremely wordy. I know I got a few wrong on my exam, because I didn't understand the question, but I understood every multiple choice answer. I think revisiting the material and giving it another go you'll past for sure!

    Good Luck,
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    The exam is geared toward a candidate WITH experience, how much experience did you have prior to scheduling your exam? No reason to get down about attempting an exam without some experience, but you are going up against candidate who do work with this material.

    How did you study? Simply read a book? Try a lab and practicing some of the concepts listed on the objectives.
    Which book did you use? I'd recommend the Sybex text as it is very detailed and provide a great foundation to help folks learn the material.

    You may always ask for clarification of a concept to our members, (Do not plagiarize questions or material from others) but you may ask for members help clarify or build upon what you already know (i.e. we don't do the homework, but you can tell what you have and understand and the members can add a little to guide you).

    The comptia exams are vendor neutral, which means you need a basic understanding of concepts. You'll get there, but Sec+ is a little more sophisticated than A+ and NET+ and therefore requires a candidate has a bit more experience.

    Hang in there.
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