Passed CEH 14/05

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Hi All,

Finally I passed CEH on last Saturday. I only got the splash screen saying passed. Checked with the institute and they said that it has been the same for all the other people who sat for the exam during the last few days. Anyway I'm not that much worried as long as I'm passed. :Dicon_cheers.gif

Study Materials:

1. Mat Walker AIO Guide :- I think this book is still valid as it contains all the required info.
2. CEH Study Guide by Sean-Philips :- Read this because it has some updated information compared to AIO.
3. Skillset.com :- Good if you want to learn each topics separately. It will help but U need to know
4. Boson CEH V9 :- bought this one day before the exam, I did only two exams and found one question on the exam with same wording. This my experience with boson. Questions were too hard when compared to the real exam. But you can learn a lot.

Please follow the kirlab post as what he has mentioned is 100% correct.
Good luck guys.

Thanks to this forum I was able to find the relevant resources to study. Thank you every one who helped and provided valuable comments..

Looking forward to CISSP :)


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