Passed: WCNA - Wireshark v102.1

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Hello guys !

Last Friday I passed WCNA and I wanted to share my study experience with you.

Some background on me: I work at a ISP and have 7 years of networking (NOC) and 3 years in security. I often use Wireshark but not as efficiently as now.

What I used for studying:
1- I had the chance to had a Global Knowledge Course paid by my employer and it really helped !
Jim Aragon was the teacher and let me tell you that he really knows his stuff. I really like the 1-week web-class.
2- I also have a suscription to CBT Nuggets and Keith Barker have a Wireshark series. Very good intro to Wireshark, I recommend it but by itself it is WAY incomplete to tackle the certification exam. It is IMO the best place to start to study Wireshark because of it's friendly approach.
3- The bible itself: Super guide, very complete. By itself you have everything you need and even though it's 800 pages+, it's easily readable. It should be your go-to reference.
4- Troubleshooting with Wireshark book: I think it's more of an intro-book. By the time I got to this book, I was really confortable with wireshark and didn't help much more.
5- The exam prep guide: (this is the same as the practice exam). Very much your last step before the exam. I scored about 85-90% on 300 questions so I knew I was ready for the exam.

The exam:
I found it very fair., somewhat hard(good thing). I've done multiple vendors exams and always thought of CCNA beeing the hardest (when you do CCNA you are starting your career). I will say this exam was about the same difficulty, about 9/10. The exam is not just Wireshark: you need to know how IP, TCP & UDP, and how other protocols works. My best advice would be: If you don't know your protocols and your network, you will most likely fail.

I hope this has been informative for you !


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